What's Next for Your Firm?

Growth & Transition Planning for Independent Investment Advisors

Growing Healthy Firms

When you take care of your people and nurture your firm's culture, you are better prepared to take care of your clients and grow your business. The free tools available here will help you take the first steps toward creating engaged employees and a healthy firm culture.

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Clarity: A Leadership Succession Tale

Want to grow your firm? There are 4 questions every leader needs to ask first.

Ambitious. Confident. Smart. Mike Webster is the poster boy for a successful investment advisor. Yet Mike stumbles when he is suddenly thrust into a leadership position. Why can’t he get his colleagues to support his vision for the firm? During a trek up a mountain, Mike discovers the four questions that could provide the answers he desperately needs. Will he be able to apply what he learns before his firm implodes?

Clarity is available as a Kindle e-book for $9.99, paperback for $19.99, or hardcover for $24.99.

lead your firm (1080 × 750 px) (600 × 750 px) (5)
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Lead Your Firm Podcast

Discover the leadership secrets of successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

Stay up to date with interviews of emerging and established leaders in the RIA space. Learn how real decision-makers navigate the current and upcoming challenges of finance.  Available now on all major podcast platforms and YouTube.

DISC for Financial Professionals

Get clear on the personal and practice dynamics of your firm.

Developed specifically for financial professionals and firms, this DISC-based assessment includes questions that are designed to measure your preferences and tendencies. After answering the questions and submitting your responses, you will be able to access a report that will help you better identify and understand your workplace preferences as well as those of your colleagues.

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lead your firm (1080 × 750 px) (600 × 750 px) (1)

Values Sort Tool

Take the important step towards creating a healthy culture – understanding your values and those of your colleagues.

Knowing what we value most in our lives is a crucial part of living a life with integrity and congruence. This values sort activity will help you reflect on what’s most important to you and then identify and prioritize your values.